Betrayal Legacy

  • 19 Feb 2019
  • 19 Mar 2019
  • 3 sessions
  • 19 Feb 2019, 6:30 PM 10:00 PM
  • 05 Mar 2019, 6:30 PM 10:00 PM
  • 19 Mar 2019, 6:30 PM 10:00 PM
  • Metro Seattle Gamers, Nickerson Marina Building Suite 200D, 1080 W Ewing Pl., Seattle, WA 98119
  • 0


  • For members of Metro Seattle Gamers

Betrayal Legacy marries the concept of Betrayal at House on the Hill — exploring a haunted mansion — with the permanency and multi-game storytelling exhibited by Daviau's Risk Legacy and other legacy games that followed. Betrayal Legacy consists of a prologue and a thirteen-chapter story that takes place over decades. Players represent families, with specific members of a family participating in one story, then perhaps an older version of those characters (assuming they lived) or their descendants showing up in later stories.

This game is currently full. Contact Thomas Prowell for details.

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