2018 SFB 4X Campaign

Master of Orion

In the middle of the General War, while experimenting with warp gate technology to speed up fleet deployment, your fleet was warped to a nearby globular cluster. Initial scans show the region to be uninhabited and rich in resources. Knowing these resources could turn the war in your favor, you setup a base and begin exploring. But you are not alone. This is a homemade 4x scenario, to expand and control sectors, with a central region of valuable planets, and a central sector that is very rich, but also well defended by multiple unknown alien ships with better technology.

This is the new campaign by the MSG Star Fleet Group. It incorporates ideas from the Star Fleet Battles Campaign Designers Handbook, Federation and Empire, and the PC game Master of Orion. Star Fleet Battles and possibly Federation Commander will be used to resolve the battles.

Current Status

Races: Federation, Klingon, Kizinti, Hydran, ISC, Loriyill (Omega)

Strategic Turn: End Turn 5, Moves Turn 6

Slideshow of some battles from the campaign below

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