Sunday GURPS Day! at MSG

  • 11 Oct 2015
  • 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Metro Seattle Gamers, 1600 W. Armory Way, Suite C-106

Currently we have one full table of players (1 GM + 6 players). However, we are open to growing that to another table if more players and a GM are interested! You are welcome to contact Trentin Bergeron before or on GURPS Sunday to see if there are any open chairs. We are creating pre-generated characters for the games we run in the event a player cannot show up which gives us the option of having "stand-by" players. This is a great way to check out GURPS!

Meeting bi-weekly on Sundays at the MSG Clubhouse.

Contact Trentin Bergeron (trechriron10 with the at symbol and yahoo dot com) for further details! (please put Sunday GURPS Day in the subject)

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