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Group Memberships

Group memberships allow individuals to pool their resources to participate in the club on a lower average monthly cost basis, or allow families, organizations or generous individuals to sponsor people at the club. Group Memberships in Metro Seattle Gamers (MSG) are sold on a calendar month or on a multi-calendar month basis. The club offers Group Membership accounts for groups ranging from 3 to 7 slots for individuals. These slots are used as follows:

Group Host Member. The first slot is always held by the Group Host who is a member of Dragonflight and who is the party who has the direct relationship to the club. The Group Host is responsible for the billing and in allocating the remaining slots in the group. The Group Host has the same privileges as a Key Member of the club in terms of Votes, Key, Library, Live Game Storage, Scheduling, Access to the club facility, and Dragonflight membership. Once a month the Group Host can assign the remaining slots of the Group to individuals; this can be done by the Group Host online or by contacting the club to make assignments.

Group Member. If the Group Host assigns a remaining slot in the Group to a clearly identified individual (name, contact information) then that individual becomes a Group Member of the club. While in terms of Dragonflight membership a Group Member is a guest of the Group Host Member that guest has more defined privileges. A Group Individual Member has access to the club facility whenever it is open by a Key Member, Group Host Member, or club officer. While a Group Individual Member does not have Votes in club elections or a Dragonflight membership, such a member can participate in club membership discussions. A Group Member does not have Scheduling, Library or Live Game Storage privileges. The next step up for a Group Member would be to join the club at the Associate level of membership .

Group Guest. If a remaining slot in the group account is not assigned to any individual, that slot is treated as a Guest pass that may be used by the Group Host at any time during the membership period that the Group Host is present at the club, or by prior arrangement with the General Manager. Unlike Single Session Guest passes that are also available to members, these Guest slots would be available for the term of the membership.

All Group membership slots (Group Host, Group Member, Group Guest) are subject to the approval of the General Manager and in principle may be reviewed by the club membership.

Metro Seattle Gamers is a service of Dragonflight, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the gaming hobby in the Pacific Northwest. Group Host Membership in MSG does require that one be a member in good standing of Dragonflight. Membership fees in Metro Seattle Gamers are assessments to those members of Dragonflight who choose to use the club. With the first purchase (only) of a Group Membership in Metro Seattle Gamers during a calendar year, the Group Host is simultaneously conferred a membership in Dragonflight (1 vote in Dragonflight elections, valued at $10) for the remainder of that calendar year. The requirements and privileges of membership in Dragonflight are outlined in the parent organization’s bylaws.

If one is a Group Host Member of MSG and registers for the same calendar year's Annual Convention in a way that also confers a Dragonflight membership, $10 will be credited to one's MSG account to cancel the duplicate membership in Dragonflight. This credit will be calculated at the January MSG monthly accounting meeting (after the Dragonflight Annual Convention).


One may register or update a MSG Group membership by using the automated system below, which offers the option to redirect to PayPal to process and immediately post a payment to one's MSG account. One may also use the system below to register or renew one's membership account and pay later using alternate means of payment. Contact the General Manager to learn how to conduct alternate means of payment to the club.  All payments should be to Dragonflight. Payments made using alternate means will not be posted to one's MSG account until the club's monthly accounting meeting, usually on the second Saturday of the month.


Group Membership options with Metro Seattle Gamers:

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