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Metro Seattle Gamers is located in the Salmon Bay area of Seattle in the office building over the main pier of the Nickerson Marina. The marina is located on the south side of the Lake Washington Ship Canal and abuts the South Ship Canal Trail. We are about 1/3rd of a mile east of the Ballard Bridge and one block north of West Nickerson Street.  From West Nickerson Street: turn north onto 11th Avenue West and go one block, crossing the South Ship Canal Trail to enter the Nickerson Marina parking lot. Coming from the west, the left turn from Nickerson to 11th Avenue is tight due to a crosswalk barrier; drivers might prefer the alternate route. Alternate route (selectable on the map above): take West Nickerson Street to 6th Avenue West, go north one block on 6th Avenue West and turn left (west) onto West Ewing Street. Go west on West Ewing Street (a mostly unpaved street) past the Foss Shipyard to its end and turn right, crossing the South Ship Canal Trail, to enter the Nickerson Marina parking lot. From Southbound 15th Ave West (selectable on the map above): take the first exit at the south end of the Ballard Bridge to West Emerson Street and then immediately turn left to go eastbound over the Nickerson Street Overpass (crossing back over 15th Ave West). On the overpass exit ramp, stay right to continue moving east on West Nickerson Street.

From the Nickerson Marina parking lot...

Walk into the main entrance of the marina itself and turn left under the marina arch...

Walk down the dock to the elevator...

We are on the third floor of the office building in the marina. If the elevator is not open, contact the club to gain access.


Nickerson Marina Bldg
Suite 301
1080 West Ewing Place, Seattle, Washington

See below for the mailing address



(206) 781-0047

Contact Email

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Mailing Address

Metro Seattle Gamers
c/o Dragonflight
P.O. Box 17746
Seattle, WA 98127-1300


The club has an emailing list for general announcements and for event announcements that can be filtered by user interests.

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Our site serves as our public email and web discussion list. 




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Hours determined by members' schedules.
Our location below is not the mailing address.

Nickerson Marina Building
Suite 301
1080 W Ewing Pl
Seattle, Washington
Tel. 206-781-0047

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