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Metro Seattle Gamers is a board gaming club with our very own clubhouse. We play euros, wargames, role playing games, card games, and miniatures.

Our clubhouse is on Nickerson Ave between Ballard and Fremont, on the south side of the ship canal. We have space to play, and shelves where you can store games in progress.

Why would you come to MSG rather than to a board game cafe or pub? Cafes and pubs are great, but at MSG you will find friendly people who want to play deeper and more complicated games. Several of our members are published game designers, so it is also a great place for play testing and feedback.
    • A flexible space to support euro games, role-playing groups,  up to the largest wargames.
    • No time limits, for both longer sessions and multi-session games.Amenities including wifi internet, fridges for club sodas and personal food, whiteboards and wireless monitors.
    • Ample free parking, one block from local bus routes, and 10 minutes walk to Metro Transit’s Rapid Ride D Line. 
    • Experienced, friendly players.
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    Club house

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    We arrange games, discuss games etc on Discord. Contact the Manager for an invitation:

    dfmsg at


    We have a guild on BGG

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    The club is open when members are playing games, led by a key holder.

    Our clubhouse is located at:

    Nickerson Marina Building
    Suite 301
    1080 W Ewing Pl
    Seattle, Washington

    (206) 781-0047‬

    Mailing address in on the Contacts page, although email is much faster than physical mail:

    Click here for more location and contact information. 

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