Amenities at Metro Seattle Gamers

To support playing these games the club has a number of amenities shown below.


As a convenience to our members and guests, Metro Seattle Gamers maintains a game library of over 300 titles for use by players in the club. This library consists of titles owned by members who find it handy to leave their games at the club and those owned by Dragonflight itself. Most of these games are Euros or strategy games. The wargame selection is limited to games that are playable in a single session; multi-session wargames will be found on the live game storage system or in our members’ personal collections (some of which are extensive). To check a game into or out of the library please contact the General Manager or one of our Facilities Managers. Part of this library is provided to the Dragonflight annual convention to serve as a loaner library. 

To inspect the contents of this library please consult our Google Sheet:

MSG Game Library


Live Game Storage System

Almost unique for any venue supporting gaming, Metro Seattle Gamers offers a shelving system for storing games in progress. If one runs out of time to finish a game, the game can be stored without being taken down. This system allows larger, multi-session games to be played at the club while freeing the club space to be used by others. While the shelves are themselves removable, these days most of the games stored on the shelves employ a plexiglass-foamboard sandwich that makes moving the game to the shelf very lightweight. Contact the General Manager to reserve space on these shelves:



Whiteboards allow GMs to post pertinent information to their players.


Refrigerator and Microwave

We sell cold drinks, snacks, and have a microwave for our users’ convenience.


Wi-fi Internet

Free Wi-Fi Internet service is available to our users. While it is secured, using this network is at one's own risk. The current network password is posted inside the club.


Free Parking

Unusual for many areas of Seattle, we have ample free parking in our parking lot and on the street. This is of great aid to our members, some of whom come from as wide a range as Everett to Enumclaw.


Nearby Food Services

Within two blocks walking distance on Nickerson Street: Rooftop Brew Company (beer tasting room with food service provided by a truck 5-8 pm, M-F).

Within four blocks walking distance at Fisherman's Terminal: Bay Café, Highliner Public House, Chinook's at Salmon Bay.

Within four blocks walking distance east of the club on or near Nickerson Street and Seattle Pacific University: Einstein Brothers Bagels, Subway, Byen Baken, Thai Fusion, and the Wick.

Within four blocks walking distance south of the club on 15th Avenue West: La Palma Mexican Restaurant.

Within five minutes' driving along West Dravus Street (south of the club): QFC, Starbucks, Pagliacci’s, Red Mill Burgers, Yasuko’s Teriyaki.

Within five minutes' driving time on West Emerson Place and Gilman Avenue West (west of the club): Café Appassionato Coffee Roastery and Tasting Bar, Sunny Teriyaki, Blue Heron, Teriyaki Bowl, and Midnite Mart.

Within a five minutes drive north to Ballard: Mike's Chili Bar, Pono Ranch Restaurant and Bar, Trader Joe’s, Jack in the Box, Safeway, Ballard Market, Ballard Brothers Seafood, Wendy’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Taco Del Mar, Mod Pizza, Starbucks, and a multitude of sit down restaurants.

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