War of the Suns

  • 07 Jun 2014
  • 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Metro Seattle Gamers

From Hong Kong designer Leonard To, War of the Suns covers the Second World War from China's perspective. In 1937, after the loss of Manchuria and repeated incursions and provocations by the Japanese, starting at Peking and Shanghai the conflict broadened into a full scale war across the heartland of China. With space and numbers that rivaled the Russian front, but with a much wider difference in the foes' respective organizational and industrial resources, a divided Chinese people fought on in a struggle that would ultimately entangle China's neighbors and the United States in the broader war to come. This game promises to provide its players a unique perspective on this vast and poorly understood conflict.

This game is  three map monster game that will be played by teams. The plan is to meet on 2 to 3 Saturdays a month until the full campaign is complete.

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