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Terms of Service for Metro Seattle Gamers

This website has been set up by Dragonflight, a non-profit, volunteer-run membership organization, in furtherance of its mission to support the gaming hobby in the Pacific Northwest. By using this website you agree to adhere to the following Terms of Service:

1.      When you register your user ID on this system you agree to use your own first name, last name, and email address when they are requested from you during your registration process on this website.

2.      In any discussion spaces (forums, email discussion groups, blog entries, etc.) or registration forms you agree to

a.      Employ common decency in your statements and replies to your fellow system users, site administrators, and Dragonflight staff.

b.      Not to spam or harass users of this system with system usage or materials not germane to the purposes of this website.

3.      You agree to resolve any dispute that you may have with Metro Seattle Gamers privately. If a problem with your registration status or some other organizational problem exists between you and Dragonflight, you agree to resolve the situation through direct channels with Dragonflight staff as are found elsewhere on this site, or through other channels that Dragonflight opens up to you, and not through forums, email lists, or other channels that are visible to other users. Exception: if you are a Member of Metro Seattle Gamers and believe that the issue is a policy or personnel matter for the club membership then you may request that either the club Secretary or the club General Manager place the matter as new business before the club Membership.

4.      For reasonable cause Dragonflight reserves the right to alter or change the status of your registration or use privileges within this system, including terminating your use of this system or terminating your participation in the Dragonflight activity associated with your use of this system.

5.      All property brought to Dragonflight activities, events, and facilities are present at the owner's risk. By participating at a Dragonflight activity, event, or facility, you accept that Dragonflight (including Metro Seattle Gamers, and including their respective officers and their respective memberships) will not be liable for items lost, stolen, or damaged.

6.      By attending a Dragonflight hosted activity, event, or facility, you agree to follow any rules that are announced or posted for that activity, event, or facility, and to cooperate with any reasonable requests of Dragonflight staff or officers.

a.      If you become a Member of Dragonflight your membership will be subject to Dragonflight rules and procedures.

b.      If you become a guest, attendee, or Member of Metro Seattle Gamers, your participation is subject to both the rules and procedures of Dragonflight and those set forward by the membership and staff of Metro Seattle Gamers.

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Hours determined by members' schedules.
Our location below is not the mailing address.

Nickerson Marina Building
Suite 301
1080 W Ewing Pl
Seattle, Washington
Tel. 206-781-0047

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