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  • 24 Feb 2016 5:03 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

    MSG's Biggest Game Yet! 

    Stretching across 9 full size maps (with a kink in the middle, no less!) and 3 outside inserts, the combined maps for The Devil's Cauldron and Where Eagles Dare fit diagonally across the entire main playing space at Metro Seattle Gamers. This is the largest single game ever to be played at the club.
    This combined campaign, which we are calling To the Devil's Cauldron, covers Operation Market-Garden: one of the most daring operations of the Second World War. A game of this size will be played by teams of players over a number of months. The current plan is to meet 1-2 times per month and players will cover for the inevitable absences of others. Two overall commanders will provide the operational structure for their respective teams. The game system itself is pretty straightforward. Some of our participants say it is the best WWII grand tactical system that they have played. While sessions are in play, the back room at MSG will remain available for other reservations.

    To provide a basic idea of what is going to happen on this map that you see, Allied paratroopers and glider-borne troops are going to land to secure the bridges and the single long road that stretches down at the length of the map. At the far end of this picture is the Dutch city of Arnhem, whose bridge across the Rhine is the final objective (the legendary "Bridge Too Far"). That is Operation Market.

    Below is a picture of Arnhem and that final objective. The boys in red are the Red Devils of the British 1st Airborne Division. The opposition is a hodgepodge of German units who had no idea that the Allies were coming but they do start with good antiaircraft protection. One Allied gambit of dropping glider borne troops onto the ends of this last bridge has already fallen to German antiaircraft guns.

    Then the mechanized forces of British XXX Corps will break through the German front line and march all of the way down that road (starting at the near end of the map on the first picture) to link up with the valiant paratroopers along the way. That is Operation Garden. Then on to Berlin! Unfortunately for the Allies, the corridor is mostly secured by only one long road, it is no freeway, and it is often surrounded by reclaimed land that often is little better than marshland, or still is marshland.

    But what about the Germans, you ask? They will be coming in from all sides and may have the opportunity to defeat one force, mostly likely the British 1st Airborne Division, in detail. Below is a picture of XXX Corps off to a fairly good start.


    Needless to say our players are going to be busy!

    Slots for local commanders will pop up from time to time. To obtain further information please consult the event entry for this game.

  • 05 Nov 2015 2:01 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

    In addition to our individual membership plans Metro Seattle Gamers now offers group membership plans for groups ranging in size from 3-7 group slots. Group slots may be used to provide group members a lower average monthly cost to attend the club at any time that it is open or they may be kept open to allow a game host to invite a number of indeterminate people to attend the game for free.

    One may learn more about how the Group memberships work here.

    To see a summary of our monthly membership rates, daily guest rates, and an average cost comparison of our prices please download the PDF of our price summary sheet.
  • 25 Oct 2015 1:45 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

    Metro Seattle Gamers held its Annual Membership Meeting on October 24th. As October marks the 25th anniversary of the club's existence we celebrated with cake:

    The biggest issues at the meeting were votes on a proposed group membership rate policy, adjustments to the club's monthly and daily rates, the election of officers for 2016, and the planned development cycle for a new phase of Metro Seattle Gamers at a new location.

    The group rate structure and related price adjustments passed unanimously. You can learn more about them here.

    Scot McConnachie was elected to the positions of club General Manager and Treasurer.

    Geoffrey Phipps was elected to the position of club Secretary.

    The preliminary plan for the next phase of Metro Seattle Gamers received considerable feedback from the membership which has led to a planned redrafting of the plan in consultation with several members and friends of the club. We will have more information  on this later.
  • 06 Oct 2015 10:50 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

    On Tuesday, October 6th, the water line to our building was restored, allowing our restrooms to function again. This was after it had been accidentally cut by a construction crew on Friday, October 2nd. While the club was open informally to members who could tolerate the situation, we had shut down the public announcements of our activities and closed the club to newcomers during this interruption.

    Effective October 7th, the club is now open for normal operations. All existing events on the event calendar have been restored. 

    Thank you for your patience during this unfortunate episode. 

  • 11 Aug 2015 4:17 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

    Metro Seattle Gamers has two new roleplaying groups that are recruiting players. 

    1) Synnibarr 3rd Edition.

    Designers Raven c.s. McCracken and Scott Owen are making regular weekly appearances at Metro Seattle Gamers! 

    For those of you who do not remember, The World of Synnibarr made its first appearance thirty years ago. After nearly a decade of painstaking redesign, the World of Synnibarr 3rd Edition is finally being released! The game designers will be on hand to answer questions while Raven and Scott are running demos and FatesFist referee training, introducing players to this fantastic new system.

    Sessions are being held at MSG on Friday nights starting at 7 pm. For those who wish to jump right in, members of FatesFist shall be standing by to run games. It is a privilege to be able to once again offer YOU at Metro Seattle Gamers an exclusive “first glimpse” of another revolutionary game. For further information see 


    2)  Seattle Monster Hunters: A GURPS 4th Edition game of modern action-adventure.

    You are a sworn member of MOTHERR, a secret unaffiliated international
    organization embedded within the secret, intelligence, military and research
    apparatus of many world governments. You are agents in FIELDCOM tasked with protecting the innocent from supernatural threats and the secretive
    organization of monsters and rogues known as The Cabal.

    This is an ongoing in-person tabletop mission-style RPG using
    GURPS Fourth Edition set in the Monster Hunter Monster Hunters
    campaign. It draws inspiration from media like Hell Boy (BPRD), Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Charmed, Grimm, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Ghostbusters, and the like. Sprinkle a little Cosmic Horror (ala Cthulu Mythos) and Alien Conspiracy (ala X-Files) and the recipe is complete!

    New players are welcome.

    For further information on the campaign and contact information, please
  • 11 Aug 2015 3:28 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

    Over the past several months four games that have seen heavy development activity at Metro Seattle Gamers have now reached the P-500 list for GMT Games.

    Gallipoli, 1915: Churchill's Greatest Gamble realistically covers the first three days of the campaign, a time of wild maneuver, of decisive attacks parried by the timely arrival of reinforcements, and the onset of trench warfare. The map covers the entire peninsula from north of Anzac Cove to Cape Helles, based on the 1922 British Ordnance Survey. Players can choose to land at the historical beaches, or create their own plans.

     This game is designed by MSG member Geoffrey Phipps.

    The Seven Years War: Frederick's Gamble. In adapting GMT’s multi-award-winning The Napoleonic Wars game system by Mark McLaughlin, Designer Greg Ticer, aided by Developer Fred Schachter, create a furiously paced, card-driven, and battle/siege-intensive strategic/operational game which can be concluded  by two, three, or four experienced players in an evening or an afternoon. Players represent the Coalition of Britain and Prussia or their nemesis, the Imperial Camp of Austria (with its Holy Roman Empire Pact Ally) and France (with its powerful Russian Pact Ally).  The four main Powers never change Camps.  Neutral Sweden and Denmark wait to possibly be swayed into one of the antagonist’s fold.  Britain and France not only contend against each other on the continent, but upon the game’s colonial mini-maps and through an abstract naval war. 


    MSG's lead playtester for this game is Stephen Graham. Veteran game designer and developer Fred Shachter is a frequent attendee to these sessions. 

    Hitler's Reich is the first of the Card Conquest System game series in which players recreate epic military contests of history in short, comparatively simple and easy to learn, but hard to master games.  Designed to be set up in minutes and played to conclusion in one sitting, these are not simulations but games, albeit ones packed with enough historical flavor, excitement, and decision making to give you the feeling of being there at the highest levels of command.

    Frequent MSG attendee Fred Schacter is the developer of this game.

    Illusions of Glory The Great War on the Eastern Front is the latest Card Driven Game to simulate the Great War in Europe.  First came the award-winning legendary Paths of Glory by Ted Raicer, which simulates the entire war in Europe and the Middle East which is now a convention favorite.  It was followed by the well-received Pursuit of Glory, designed by Brad and Brian Stock, which focuses on the war in the Near East.  Illusions of Glory takes this proven game system to a new and exciting level by applying its focus to the Eastern Front.
     The MSG playtest lead for this game is Luther Harris. Fred Schacter is the developer.

    You may want to check these games out on the GMT website; use the hyperlinks above to do so. 


  • 06 Aug 2015 2:46 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

    Metro Seattle Gamers will be closed from August 5th to 6 pm August 10th for the Dragonflight Annual Convention, which will be held Friday, August 7 through Sunday, August 9th at the Bellevue Hilton Hotel, Bellevue, Washington.

    The long running Dragonflight Annual Convention features hundreds of boardgame, roleplaying game and wargaming sessions. For further information please consult

    We hope to see you at the convention! 

  • 13 Sep 2014 5:45 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

    Once a year, the club membership holds their annual meeting to elect officers for the upcoming year and to discuss various matters before the membership.

    This year's annual meeting is scheduled for 10:30 am, Saturday, September 27th.

    All active members of Metro Seattle Gamers are encouraged to participate in this meeting. While others may attend this meeting, the club membership reserves the right to exclude non-club members from this meeting. During this meeting the club will be closed to other activities.

    As a reminder this meeting is for the members of MSG, not the members of Dragonflight. Dragonflight's membership meeting is generally held on the first day of the Dragonflihgt annual convention. Metro Seattle Gamers operates autonomously under the supervision of Dragonflight. All decisions by the MSG membership and officers are subject to the final discretion of Dragonfllight.

  • 22 May 2014 11:13 AM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

    Dear viewer, supporter, and member of Metro Seattle Gamers,

    Effective today, Dragonflight’s game club, Metro Seattle Gamers, has a new website:


    This website will serve as the primary, but not the only, contact point for information about the club. In addition to providing a communications system for current and prospective club members, our new system will also provide the a club membership registration system, allowing club members to check upon the status of their club membership. In the future, after consulting with the club membership, we will probably use more of our new capabilities. In the meantime anyone who is interested in keeping track of developments may subscribe to our occasional news notices from this site by selecting the following hyperlink:



    The Yahoo! Group, Dragonflight-MSG, will continue to operate as before and it will serve as the public email discussion group for the club; for the time being we will also maintain a duplicate event calendar in this group. Metro Seattle Gamers has plans to maintain its presence on other services in the near future; we will announce them when they are set up. NOTE: This new system covers Metro Seattle Gamers only, not the Dragonflight Annual Convention nor the Dragonflight parent organization; links for these other functions can be found on the new MSG website or at the next hyperlink below.


    The Dragonflight Annual Convention is also coming up, August 8-10th at the Bellevue Hilton. The longest running games convention in the Pacific Northwest, Dragonflight XXXV promises to be a fun, personable convention offering a great variety of events in board games, wargames, and role-playing games. We invite all friends and supporters of Metro Seattle Gamers to actively participate in the Dragonflight convention as event sponsors, staff, or as players. For more information about the convention or the Dragonflight parent organization please consult


    Please also note that there has been a rationalization of names and URLs by Abecorn and Dragonflight. Effective May 4, 2014 all Abecorn sites and services are operating under names and URLs registered to Abecorn and all rights and uses of the terms Metro Seattle Gamers, metroseattlegamers, and the URL have reverted to Dragonflight. The URL no longer links to Abecorn’s website. As of this time, neither Dragonflight nor Metro Seattle Gamers have any content on Abecorn’s website and vice versa. Dragonflight thanks Ben Stephenson and his partners for their previous efforts and wishes them good luck with their venture. You may follow Abecorn’s efforts at



    To recap, information about Dragonflight, a non-profit organization supporting the gaming hobby in the Pacific Northwest, its Annual Convention and Metro Seattle Gamers may be found at the following URLs: 




    Thank you for your attention and support.


    Scot McConnachie
    General Manager for Metro Seattle Gamers

  • 23 Apr 2014 5:16 PM | Scot McConnachie (Administrator)

    This new website will become our primary communications point to the public. This site provides a number of advantages for our members.

    1) A functional website for the club that doesn't have to be managed by a web programmer.

    2) It allows our members to set up their own user profiles on this website.

    3) A central public event schedule that is not hidden by Yahoo! Groups current policy.

    4) Members can make payment and adjust their membership status from this website.

    5) As we get used to using the new event system we can layer in daily visitor registrations there as well.

    There are more options with this system that will be brought up to our membership in the near future, but for now we are attempting to duplicate club procedures rather than build new ones.

    Stay tuned!

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