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Internal club chatter is either on our Discord Server, or on our email list:

To join our Discord server,  email dfmsg @

We also have a Guild Page on BoardGameGeek

We have a Facebook page just to advertise our presence.

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  • Receive general announcements as well as event notices filtered to your general game interests. 
  • In addition, you can designate whether to release your interests and/or email address to our members, so that they can contact you directly when they have a game that might be of interest to you.
  • You can edit your entries and subscriptions at any time by logging using your email address, selecting View Profile and then employing various edit options. If you have never set a password, use the Forgot Password procedure on the login pop-up to set one before editing your profile.

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Periodically, the club will release the interests and contact email addresses (only) of these contacts who wish us to distribute that information to the membership.

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Hours determined by members' schedules.
Our location below is not the mailing address.

Nickerson Marina Building
Suite 301
1080 W Ewing Pl
Seattle, Washington
Tel. 206-781-0047

Click here for more location and contact information. 

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